It can't be just another event...

Not just another experience...

Not just another venue...

Not just another anything...

We are not just another events company.

Event Org has a Covid event company policy as we take government regulations seriously to safeguard yourself and your business. SA COVID PORTAL

We are event organisation masters, who partner with clients to produce lasting impressions.  We are a triple value partner who creatively innovates, strategically designs and brilliantly executes.  We will transform any event into a beautiful experience with edges that make it unforgettable. 

We offer a one-stop eventing buffet that has no boundaries.  We will transform any event into a beautiful experience.

We embrace the practice of strategic design to ensure that everything is thought through and brought to life in a meaningful and effective way.

We collaborate with experts on niche experiential events, targeting small groups or individuals exclusively.

We believe that 


is a craft.  It is the infinite art of considering everything and forgetting nothing.  It is the ability to produce wonder.

There are no blurred lines, we understand that it is our job to fully grasp our clients business, brand, culture, and stakeholders in a deeply insightful way.  To bring that insight to life by innovating the type of atmosphere that helps our clients solve a problem or seize an opportunity.   We know that we need to deliver an irrefutable impact far beyond entertainment, by executing an often overwhelming process so seamlessly and effectively that it seems like magic. 

With that in mind, we offer the following products and services to ensure we maintain the highest standards for every event. 


We will transform any event into a beautiful experience with edges that make it unforgettable.  We pride ourselves in thinking of every little thing and forgetting nothing.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Take your event online with one of our many virtual events, launch, conferencing, or team building options.  Add a special touch and send your attendees a virtual event hospitality box. Fully-branded boxes with a range of goodies to include. These add a whole new dimension to online events.


We partner with an expert digital team to ideate innovative ways of integrating digital and social into reality, creating the ability to co-create an experience with those in it and engage the audience in new and exciting ways.


Strategic Design is part of our practice, ensuring that everything is thought through with the utmost care and brought to life in a meaningful way, from the brand elements to the distance between tables, and the plating of the food. 


We work with a tech development partner to customise an app for each event that guides attendees before, during and after the experience. 


One of our tech partners allows us full access to a customised RSVP management system, typically designed for your unique event. 













Delivering unforgettable experiences for over 25 years in South Africa has taught us the significance and the irreplaceable value of discomfort.  We never settle for ‘average’ and we will never stop raising the bar – We know that we are only as good as our last event and only as credible as our clients say we are.

“The event was a great success.  Thanks to you guys for everything, from the RSVP’s to how the conference was managed and run.  Very smooth and efficient.  Appreciate everything.  Thanks again to you and your Team for your professional efficient service.”


“I wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team for helping to make the events in Johannesburg last week the success they were.  I think the Africa Summit and dinner exceeded our expectations and the impact we have had has been great.  I think we certainly gave all the guests a flavour of South Africa even if we couldn’t quite deliver the sunny weather! “


“A BIG thank you to you and your team for all you did last week.  I know it has been a process and not always easy, with changes and new people.  You and your team were amazing and I think that everything was very smooth!  We have been given some fantastic feedback on all involved – it was really so successful. “


Custom Events

Let us design, create and bring to life your vision.  We can transform any event into a beautiful experience with edges that will make it unforgettable.