Social Virtual Event Ideas

Cooking or Cocktail Class


Virtual cooking or cocktail classes are fun options for a social event. All you need to do is find a cook or mixologist, and have everyone join in from their kitchens. Since the pandemic hit, people can’t go out and socialize like they used to.

By providing a cooking or mixology class, you can give attendees much-needed social contact while allowing them to learn some new skills, all from the comfort of their home. Consider sending kits in advance so that participants will have everything they need for the class, or at the very least, provide a list of ingredients for them to prepare.

Virtual Trivia Night


Trivia is a quintessential game night option, and it’s relatively easy to do online. A little healthy competition is always fun, and people love showing off their random knowledge. Come up with a theme to set the stage for the event, and in order to help build excitement around it, divide participants into teams ahead of time so they know who they’ll be playing with — and against.

If you’re new to virtual events, there are professional services that organize online trivia games and are therefore experienced at hosting the game and energizing attendees.

Online Murder Mystery


This is a digital take on the classic murder mystery dinner party, where guests attend as different characters and must work to reveal the murderer among them. This activity is not only a fun game, but it also forces players to work together, so it can be ideal for team building.

Several companies now run virtual murder mysteries and can help when it comes to planning and running this type of event, as it can be quite complex. Some even take place over several months, which can be a great way to keep employees connected during long stretches of remote work.

Team Movie Night


Get everyone together for a movie night by having people vote on a selection of movies and watch it at the same time, even if they’re not physically being together. Going to the movies is another activity that’s been made difficult, if not impossible, by the pandemic, but there’s no need to leave the house for a fun movie night with friends or coworkers.

Have everyone join a conference call from which you’ll be streaming the movie, or simply have everyone start at the same time and join a group chat to discuss as they watch.